An example answer for yr 9 energy assignment
  1. 5. satellites (for communication OR for navigation), internet (with a social or informative spin),
Questions to answer
  1. How the technology has changed – progression.
  2. Impact on society (positives & negatives), how it’s used in society
  3. How do different people relate to this technology/how comfortable do they feel with it? (Age groups vs socio-economic groups, third world countries)
  4. Relationship to electromagnetic spectrum
  5. How is the energy transferred, types of energy being used?

My topic is

Satellites used in communication with a social spin

a) how has it changed - draw a timeline of communication satellites - see the NASA website

b) Impact on society - list the good things that have come about by being able to communicate because their are communication satellites - e.g. sharing research with scientists in other countries - need an example here, talking to family members in different countries or states - could discuss the use of SKYPE to talk to grandparents in UK

c) how different people use this tech - e.g. grandparents saw the launch of the first comms sat - this reduced reliance on cables that were laid under the sea between continents, Mum saw the development of the mobile phones that used com sat to talk to her cousins easily in Perth , I use Skype,

I will need to describe how different people feel about using this tech,
I will need to think about how people who do not have enough money to use this tech how they could get access to this

d) relate this to the EMS - Focus on Radio waves and microwaves

e) Energy being used - need to find out how much energy is required to send a signal not space to a comm sat. - maybe a flow chart here