Yr 8 Ecology


Course guide and outline

1. Ecology Outline 2011 yr 8.doc

Fire and the Australian bush

2.yr8 Eco Fire in enviro.PDF
2b. YR8 Eco Fire exercise - How hot was it?.PDF
3. Yr 8 Eco gum leaf burning prac.PDF
4. Websites about the Kinglake fires
Can you find any sites that show how plants or animals adapt to the fire?

Food webs

4. Yr8 Eco foodwebs etc.PDF
4b. Yr8 Eco Energy and foodwebs.PDF


5. Yr8 Eco Adaptations.PDF
5.1 Try to make your own creature that's adapted to the described habitat.
5.2 adaptations in plants a movie
5.3 barrier reef some adptations


6. Introduced species ass.doc
6.1 Listen to this short story about introduced species - it wil help you with your assignment ---YR8 Ecology Introduced species.mp3
6.2 Now use one of these tools to answer the question;_How has the introduced animal affected the foodweb in the community it now lives.

Web tools for creating

1. web applications for schools - this provides a long index of useful tools. here are some you might like to use 2. more web applications web 2.0 guru - another extensive list of tools - browse this if you are looking for a special tool.

View some examples

go here yr 8 examples

6. Yr8 Eco Leaf litter expt.PDF


7. Yr8 Eco Ecology revision.PDF


do the online component of the test here
You will need
1. access code

2. you need to log in with your firstname and your class in front of your last name

eg Sarah 8H Williams

Can you find any sites that show how plants or animals adapt to the fire?