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Course Outline for 2012

Topic 1 - algebra

Topic 2 - linear algebra equations

Naplan Practice - questions and answers available here

Reminder : NAPLAN Testing running 15 – 17 May 2012. Year 7/9 Calculator/Non-calculator tests are running on 17 May 2012.

Topic 3 - Linear Graphing

Topic 4 - Trigonometry

Topic 5 - Quadratics

Topic 6 -Graphing Quadratics functions

Tpoic 1 - use the above link to get to topic 2

Yr 9



Some revision things

1. The topic outline
- 1. Algebra Student planner 2012.doc

How to study algebra
Simplifying equations
Simple practice in combining like terms
Basics of algebra - parts of the equation and naming the parts of an equation

2. FOIL use this to practice FOIL
3. SaloonSnapAlgebra (PW).ppt
5. Algebra Charleis garden bed.pdf
5.b. FOIL - expanding expressions try this - there are worked examples
5.c. Use the MyMathsOnline site to review foil and then play the game use the login mentone and the password linear
6. Algebra expanding 2.pdf
6.b. More Algebra Expanding Worksheet and answers.PDF
7. Algebra Expanding perfect squares and difference of two squares.PDF
8. Algebra Farmer Sprouts Fence.PDF

Beyond the level - try exercises --------
Division of algebra

The maths behind beauty - interactive maths whats the algebra involved here?

Online algebra tutorials

Do the homework set from
The school login for all teachers and students remains as “mentone” – password “linear”

Revision for test Algebra test review Introductory Algebra review 2012.docx

And here are some answers Algebra test review Answers 2012.pdf

Extension work

This extension work is designed to let you explore some areas of the world that use the maths you are studying now. There may not be any right answers.
How is algebra used in space travel - what algebra is required why is it used? produce an online poster of your findings.
Factorising and expanding - how are they linked- create an animation that uses a range of examples to explain how these two ideas are linked.

Extra yr 9 maths
Examples of maths courses

another site for some maths help - has all the courses for maths this year -
also try
The school login for all teachers and students remains as “mentone” – password “linear”