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Year 10

Designing an experiment

Practicing your graphing skills and interpretation of graphs


Yr 10 Genetics (Topic 1) Class Notes Genetics
Yr 10 Evolution
Yr10 Global systems.html


Yr 10 Movement
Yr 10 Universe
Yr 10 Energy


1. Periodic Table (Topic 2,)
2. Chemical reactions

3. Headstart Cosmetic Chemistry

Extension topics

Yr 10 chemical patterns,   
Yr 10 Light

Revision questions guidelines and tools


Yr 10 Semester 1 Revision

Yr 10 Semester 2 Revision

Year 9

Designing an experiment

Yr 9 HeadStart Forensics
Yr 9 Control and regulation--Disease  Responding, Nerves Hormones and Brain
Yr 9 Energy Transmissions
Yr 9 The Dynamic Earth
Yr 9 Chemistry Chap 6 Inside the atom
Yr 9 Chemical reactions Chap 7
Yr 9 Ecosystems
Yr 9 The Body at War (diseases)
Yr 9 Extension - (Periodic table and Chemical change .....)

Revision questions guidelines and tools

Yr 9 Semester 1 revision
Yr 9 Revision semester 2


Year 8

Designing an experiment

Yr 8 HeadStart Cells
Yr 8 Survival Class Notes Survival
Yr 8 Igneous, Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
Yr 8 Reproduction
Yr 8 Physical and chemical change - Atoms, Elements compounds and mixtures and a little bit of states of matter (chap 5 oxford)
Yr 8 Using Force
Yr 8 Ecology
Yr 8 Body Systems
Yr 8 Energy

Yr 8 Sound and Light

Old courses
Yr 8 Astronomy
Yr 8 Chemistry Atoms older
Yr 8 Headstart Flight
yr 8 Elements
Yr 8 Responding and controlling, Yr 8 Chemical Change (Chap 8)

Revision questions guidelines and tools


Designing an experiment

Year 7
Yr 7 Being a scientist
Yr 7 Chemistry - 1. Separating Mixtures
Yr 7 Ecosystems
Yr 7 Forces
Yr 7 Solids liquids and gases
Yr 7 Classification
Yr 7 Light heat and sound
Yr 7 A world of machines
Yr 7 The Earth in Space

Revision questions guidelines and tools



Info on the model solar challenge

VCE Chemistry -


VCE Biology

Unit 1 How do things stay alive ..(Cells and systems)
Unit 2
Unit 2: How is continuity of life maintained?

Designing an experiment

Chapter 1 Microscopes
Chapter 2 Microscopes and Cells,
Cell organelles
Chapter 3 (and some of 5)
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

teacher resources biology


Maths Page -

yr9 course guides with activities, mymathsonline and other online maths services

Web tools for creating - go here for more

areas of interest

Example sites include:
__32 Ways to Use Google Apps__” - G Suite Education Team
__5 Time-saving Ways to Use Google Forms__” - Edudemic

__FreeTech4Teachers__ - Richard Byrne
__TeacherTech__ - Alice Keeler (Guru… website, blog, Twitter)

1. web applications for schools - this provides a long index of useful tools. here are some you might like to use

2. more web applications web 2.0 guru - another extensive list of tools - browse this if you are looking for a speci